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Check in with all your accounts at a glance.
For your daily check-in, get the essential info of your complete financial picture. When you’re ready, tap to expand a section and explore your finances in detail.
Multiple accounts
Organize it how you like
Face ID for quick access
Catch up or dig in
See exactly where you stand with balances.
Connect all your accounts and cards, and conveniently see them in one place.
Forecast your balance
Month-month in & out
Multiple accounts
Low balance alerts
Low Balance & Forecast Income
Forecast & Monthly in & out
Simple and useful ways to interact with your spending.
Keep an eye on your spending habits, and understand where you stand week-by-week and beyond. Plus some extras.
Visualize your spending
Tap to add up transactions
2 years of transactions
Positive Approach
Month Graph
Tap to add up transactions
Understand your money through categories.
See where your money went by category, and dig in to the details of that category.
Simple Categories
Interactive Graph
Focus on Transactions
Compare Months
View categories as a list
Category insights
Keep track of your bills & subscriptions.
Stay on top of your bill due dates and easily sift through subscriptions. You’ll be sure to find something worth cutting out.
Bill reminders and due dates
Helpful Calendar
Subscriptions overview
Income Breakdown
Bills Calendar
Income Breakdown

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