When will Billi be available? +
We're rolling out access to our waitlist members in cohorts. Sign up and share your referral code with friends and family to move up the list.
What countries will Billi be available in? +
We are coming to Canada first, with support for other countries to follow.
Can I get beta access? +
A small handful of beta testers will be selected to trial a pre-release of Billi. If you are interested in testing the app and providing us with feedback, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line 'Beta Beta Beta'.
Is my bank data secure? +
We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. All data travelling between your phone and our servers is encrypted.

No data is stored permanently on your phone. When you log out, the storage on your phone is wiped. While you are using the app, the data being transferred between your phone and our servers is encrypted, meaning no one can read the data as it is being transferred. Our servers store your data in a secure encrypted database, which is not accessible from the internet and is behind multiple firewalls.
What can Billi do with access to my bank account? +
We have view only access to your bank data. We cannot modify or manipulate your account in any way.
How do you use my personal information? +
We will never sell your personally identifiable information. To deliver our service, we do share this information with our partners.

Your data is always de-identified and anonymized before we use it to improve our services or generate insights.

For more details please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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