We are driven by our mission to help people manage their money, reach their goals, and lead happy, fulfilling lives. Our team is passionate about designing technology - like our new banking app - that helps people understand their finances, make good decisions, and enjoy the journey along the way. We believe that everyone should have access to information, the ability to make good decisions, and the opportunity to be secure, supported and successful.
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Our VP Engineering will lead and manage the entire development lifecycle of our FinTech product to ensure that we are providing an intuitive, innovative, and streamlined experience for our users.

Acting as the conduit between the inner workings of our product team, and the focused strategy at the Executive level, this role will expertly shift from a 5 foot view to a 30,000 foot view (and back again!) multiple times throughout the day without breaking a sweat. As the key technical influencer with an eye to the horizon, our ideal candidate will be nimble and flexible when it comes to shifting priorities or changing business needs, and they will maintain a positive, solution-oriented, “let’s try it!” attitude when considering innovative ideas and in the face of challenges.

A seasoned pro, with experience supporting a growth company from Seed through multiple rounds of funding, our VP Engineering will understand the speedbumps that might present themselves and be armed with the know-how to tackle them head-on.

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