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Use your rent payment that you're already making to give your credit score a boost. Billi has partnered with the major credit bureaus in Canada to let renters build their score without debt.

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How to start building credit using
Billi Boost.

  1. Join Billi and share a few details about yourself
  2. Connect your bank account and we'll find your rent payments
    (don't worry, if you pay by cheque - we accept that, too!).
  3. Build credit score as we report your rent payment each month


What is Billi Boost?

Billi Boost is a feature within Billi that allows you to build your credit by using rent payments that you're already making. We'll identify your rent payment each month and report it to the credit bureaus, positively impacting your score.

How much does Billi Boost cost?


Which credit reporting agency do you report to?


When will my credit score go up?

It takes time to build credit. You can expect to see an improvement to your credit score within 3-6 months of successfully reported rent payments.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by updating your subscription in the app.

Will it work if I pay rent via Interac e-transfer?

Yes! Just make sure to tag one of your e-transfers as rent once you connect your account.

I split my rent. Can I still use Billi Boost?

Yes. If you pay a portion of the rent, you are still eligible to have your rent payments reported.

What else is included with Billi?

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