Pay your rent and boost your credit score

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Use your rent payment that you're already making to give your credit score a boost. Billi has partnered with the major credit bureaus in Canada to let renters build their score without debt.

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What others say about Billi Boost

joe s
Joe S.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Signed up for Billi boost, and as a foreigner starting a new life in Canada, this is an unbelievable tool to build credit with my biggest monthly recurring expense. The jump of 124 points in my credit score after the first reported rent was beyond belief.

marie c
Marie C.
Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been renting my home for years, and unlike homeowners who can build their credit with their mortage payments, my rent didn’t count toward anything. I am so happy these payments now contribute to my credit score.

jolson c
Jolson C.
Saint Laurent, Quebec

I recently discovered your application and immediately subscribed to your Billi Boost service. As a newcomer to Canada, building my credit score is essentially important to me, especially since I want to gain the trust of banks and landlords.

Increase credit limits

A higher credit limit improves your overall credit utilization ratio - an important metric lenders use to determine a borrower's ability to repay, and a determining factor in building your credit.

Unlock lower interest rates

Lower interest rates means more money back in your pocket, and it makes borrowing cheaper and easier.

Up to 100 points increase

Boost your credit score with your rent payments and enjoy all the benefits of a higher credit score - best rates, easier to borrow, and more money in your pocket for future expenses.

100 points increase

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Data security is our highest priority

We are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. All data travelling between your phone and our servers is encrypted. This means we translate your information into code that only we can read to ensure only you and Billi have access to your information.


What is Billi Boost?

Billi Boost is a feature within Billi that allows you to build your credit by using rent payments that you're already making. Each rent payment made through Billi will be reported to the credit bureaus, positively impacting your score.

How much does Billi Boost cost?

You can sign up for amonthly ($4.99) or annual ($59.99) subscription.

Which credit reporting agency do you report to?


When will my credit score go up?

It takes time to build credit. You can expect to see an improvement to your credit score within 3-6 months of successfully reported rent payments.

What rent payment methods do you accept?

You must be paying your rent by e-transfer.

Do I need to have a rental agreement?

Yes, a rental agreement is a requirement to report your rent payments to Equifax.

Will anything change with the way I'm paying my rent?

Yes, you will now be paying your rent through Billi. We will send you an invoice the day before your rent is due. When the invoice has been paid, we will immediately transfer the funds to your landlord.

What is the cost to use this service for my landlord?

There is zero cost to your landlord. The e-transfer is free.

So I don't e-transfer my landlord?

Correct. We will e-transfer your landlord your full rent payment.

How long does it take for my landlord to receive the funds?

It can take up to six hours once we've received your payment.

What confirmation do I receive that the payment was made?

We send you a confirmation email when you've paid your invoice, when we e-transfer your landlord, and when your landlord deposits the funds.

I usually pay my rent early. Can I pay it early with Billi?

Absolutely! Simply select the date you wish to pay your rent in the app.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by updating your subscription in the app.


Report your rent payments and build your credit now

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