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Jun 29, 2022

Billi joins Open Banking Initiative of Canada (OBIC)

Billi joins Open Banking Initiative of Canada (OBIC)
Annalisa Gertz

We are thrilled to announce that we are the newest member of Open Banking Initiative of Canada (OBIC) - a group of great minds in finance, technology and regulation, who are helping to create a groundswell that will be a force for good, giving Canadian consumers choice and control over their financial data!

We are excited to work alongside OBIC to shape open banking in Canada.

At Billi, we're building the operating system for your finances - a powerful new platform that is home to your whole financial world. Securely connect all your accounts, track spending, and keep tabs on subscriptions and bills. Billi aims to harness the power of open finance and transform abstract numbers into meaningful information — all in one beautifully designed space.

"Open banking is a global movement that gives customers control over their data and a more convenient way to view and manage their money. By offering broader access to data, open banking has the potential to create a more competitive and innovative financial services industry that benefits all Canadians. We're excited to be joining the Open BankingInitiative Canada to be part of the conversation in helping develop a fair and transparent framework."

- Dan Barton, COO, Billi

“We are so excited to welcome Billi and their team to the Open BankingInitiative of Canada. Harnessing the power of Open Finance, Billi is transforming personal finance and providing innovative and meaningful products and services to consumers. Our board, members and volunteers look forward to working with Billi to continue to create and enable the channels needed for an inclusive and innovative Canadian Open Banking framework.”

- Michelle Beyo, CEO and Founder of FINAVATOR and OBIC Board Member

Click here to learn more about the great work OBIC is doing for Canadians.


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