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Billi Beginnings

Billi Beginnings
Ty Sinclair

Building in public allows you to view our roadmap and stay abreast of where we’re going and where we’ve been; to see known bugs, requested features, and (of course) to make suggestions — which we strongly encourage you to do!

Our public v1 release is here for both iOS and Android! We’re pulling back the curtain and giving you a breakdown of the core features so you know what to expect in the first iteration of Billi. Think of Billi like a beautifully designed home that your entire financial world lives in and one that also fits perfectly into your back pocket.

When you first install Billi, you will be placed in a queue, which allows us to onboard members in cohorts and scale our systems with real-world data. Our core metric is Net Promoter Score, as we take feedback and usability incredibly seriously, so vote for features on our public roadmap or take part in the conversation on Twitter or Discord.

One way you can move up the queue faster is to share Billi with your network. You’ll also unlock amazing rewards along the way. Check out the full list of rewards below and start sharing your referral code!

So, let’s jump into the first screen you will see after setting up your account!


These days your money doesn’t just live with one institution. Regardless of whether you’re someone who banks at multiple institutions, uses one of the up-and-coming neo banks, digital lenders, robo investors, or partake in crypto…it can be tricky to view all of your finances at one time, in one place.

This is the engine that drives Billi, and is precisely the problem we have set out to solve. We want to show people, at a glance, where their money is and where it goes.

Within the Balance section of Billi, all of your connected institutions are laid out in the following categories:

  • Cash (chequing and savings)
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Investments
  • Coming Soon: Crypto

You can also hide/show individual accounts or create a Manual Balance to track assets and liabilities that are not connected to Billi.

In addition, this section provides a summary of your Balance History from month-to-month. The summary offers a view of the closing balance in each period while giving you the opportunity to dive deeper into specific transactions that occurred during that period.

This feature is designed to provide, at a glance, a clear view of where your assets and liabilities are.

In the near future expect to be able to tap into an account to exclusively review the transactions associated with that account. Upvote this in our public roadmap and join the conversation on Discord!

Swipe left and the next screen you will see is your recurring payments.


Staying on top of various bills, multiple subscriptions and associated payment dates is never easy.

Further, did you know that there are financial trends that most humans find difficult to identify, but with the help of software, are relatively simple to detect? We created this section to specifically help you identify (and stay on top of) payment obligations while also shining a light on your spending habits.

By highlighting the billing date and the likely amount you owe, we hope to act as a memory trigger to ensure that you know what’s coming in advance so you can prepare accordingly. And if you happen to catch an unnecessary subscription, all the better! Within Habits, you’ll also find your spending patterns (some of which may even surprise you!).

In the near future, if you opt-in, expect to be reminded of upcoming billing dates via app notifications. Upvote this on our public roadmap and join the conversation on Discord!


When viewing your bank statement, it’s not immediately obvious (or easy) to see exactly where your money is going.

Sure, you can see the “shops” you frequented and where you spent your money, but unless you have the time to analyze several of your statements, it’s tough to get an authentic perspective of precisely where your money went.

That’s why we created Categories. This section gives you a quick, high-level grouping of your spending and earning transactions. For example, in the Living category, you can expect to see rent/mortgage, hydro, gas, insurance, property tax, etc. Clicking on this specific category will open each transaction for whatever time period you select. The goal is to show you exactly where and when your money went out within 10 seconds or less.

By tapping on a transaction you can then re-categorize it or if you like, change the name to something that has a more personal meaning.

In the future, we will explore custom categories and tagging to create “groups”of transactions. Upvote this on our public roadmap and join the conversation on Discord!

Tap & Tally

When you look at your bank statements and want to sort through your spending, chances are you end up needing a calculator because the mental math, notepad and spreadsheets were just not cutting it. To help you avoid this hassle, we decided we’d build that functionality directly into Billi!

By pressing and holding on one transaction you’ll activate the Tap and Tally feature. Once it’s activated you can proceed to tap on any transaction to add up the amount. How handy will this be when you’re trying to calculate reimbursement amounts from shared expenses or trying to calculate totals in a timely manner? You can get all this done without mental math, a calculator and without having to leave the app.

Going Forward

We have had significant feedback from our members in terms of features YOU want, upgrades to features we already have, plus a myriad of other ideas and suggestions for us to explore. Because our fundamental mission is to only build what can be easily and efficiently used by our members, we take feedback very seriously.

Here are a few of the larger feature requests we have received. Chime in and help us prioritize! Upvote on our public roadmap and join the conversation on Discord!

Balance and cash flow prediction
We’ll identify trends and patterns to predict your monthly balance. You’ll know where you stand, so you can get ahead of any payments or transfers before it’s too late, and avoid any unnecessary interest, NSF, and overdraft fees. Upvote on our public roadmap.

Income unlocking
Smooth cash flow between pay periods by accessing part of your earned income without switching your direct deposit account. For less than $2 per transaction, you can access $100 of your earned wages in advance and then return it on payday. Upvote on our public roadmap.

Connect various crypto wallets and monitor the value of your currencies and NFTs in real-time. Buy, sell, and rebalance your portfolio all within one platform. Upvote on our public roadmap.

Sort, filter, and search your transactions to find what you’re looking for. Search one account at a time or the entirety of your connected accounts. Upvote on our public roadmap.

Build credit by reporting rent payments
Use your monthly residential rent payments to build credit, and we’ll report your payment history to the credit bureaus. The more on-time payments, the higher your credit score will be, and the lower your cost of borrowing will become when taking on debt. Upvote on our public roadmap.

Keep the feedback coming! Reach out anytime, follow us on Twitter or join the conversation on Discord.


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