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Billi App Update

Billi App Update
Ty Sinclair

Dear Valued Billi Members,

The summertime fun has come and gone, and while the team at Billi was looking forward to hearing Canadian’s swap stories at backyard BBQs over how they caught an unnecessary subscription, or how exciting it was to see their crypto gains in one spot, we came up short on our target Beta Billi release date.

We’re committed to helping Canadians be money mindful with a new, easy way to track bills, manage finances, and enjoy their money. However, as we waded into product development and onboarded our first few beta cohorts, we quickly realized challenges in the landscape, as we began interpreting ‘real world data’ and identified inconsistencies across institutions. This required us to further flesh out our methodology, in order for us to bring to market a product that can draw useful information from raw and messy bank data, no matter the institution.

Having personally spoken to dozens of members about the financial challenges they face and seeing our waiting list blossom to thousands of people, we are more motivated than ever to deliver on our promise of helping Canadians understand their money better. You should have the information you need to make smart financial decisions at your fingertips, digestible and at a quick glance, giving you the tools you need to secure your financial future.

We are building Billi for all Canadians, and your input is going to shape the future of the app. To stay up to date on what features are coming, check out our Public Roadmap, and let us know what you are most excited to see:

The features we implement are continually being improved, depending on member feedback. Ultimately at Billi, we want to be building features that help Canadians understand where their money is going, eliminate surprises, and reduce anxiety whenever possible.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and willing to adjust our roadmap as needed. As we learn and hear more about our members’ needs, we will adapt and pivot, while always holding true to our core principles. At Billi, we love simplicity, and we will always be mindful that if any tool takes longer to accomplish its task with Billi than the alternative, then we won’t build it.

We will be sending out updates to our waitlist and beta members on when you can expect the Billi app will be available for download, so make sure you’ve signed up here: (

I’m looking forward to building an app together that gives all of us the tools we need to enjoy our money and live happy, fulfilling lives.


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