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Apr 4, 2022

Billi 4.0 is Live - Our Biggest Release Yet

Billi 4.0 is Live - Our Biggest Release Yet
Annalisa Gertz

We are so thrilled to announce that with the release of our latest version of Billi (4.0) and our new partnership with Plaid, we will soon begin rolling out access to our Waitlist members.

We've received a number of questions around the Waitlist and Billi beta, so we've put together a quick Q&A that aims to clear up any confusion around what we've been working on over the last year, as well as a glimpse into what you can expect in the coming months.

What is the Waitlist?

The Waitlist allows us to attract people who want to learn more about what we are creating with Billi before we launch.

Am I on the Waitlist?

You should have seen your position in the waitlist on the confirmation screen when you completed registration. You can also log in to the app to verify your position at any point.

When will I receive an invite?

We will be notifying our Waitlist members by email when they are eligible to access Billi. Currently, we are only rolling out invites to Beta testers as we release new versions for testing. We are still early with the build and this slower roll out is helping us identify areas that need attention before we release a public version.

How do I move up the Waitlist?

If your friends and family sign up for Billi using your referral link, you will move up the list and gain access to Billi sooner. You’ll also earn some great rewards along the way. Click here to learn more about our referral rewards program.

Why is 4.0 bigger than previous releases?

This latest release includes a complete redesign of the onboarding experience, as well as significant improvements to our core features. We also introduced a new bank data platform that has stronger and more stable bank connections, making it much easier for Billi members to securely and confidently connect all of their accounts.

How do I get Beta access?

We’re sending new beta invites with each new version we release. For a limited time, if you invite 5 members to the Waitlist using your referral link, we will fast track you to the front of the line with Beta access.

How many people get in at a time?

There is no set number of invites per cohort. Once Beta is complete, we will invite Waitlist members on a rolling basis, at a pace suitable for active development when we are continually releasing new updates to the app.

Will invites start going out faster?

Absolutely! Everything has to start slow as we test and improve each build. Once we get the major features of this phase implemented and issues resolved (from the latest testing with small batches of participants), then invites will start rolling out much faster.

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